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Results will verify the work of the government
Viktor Orbán anticipates a better evaluation of the country as results will verify their work - he stated regarding Moody's devaluation.
Created: 14th December, 2010 12:37

The prime minister arrived in Stockholm with Gergely Prőhle and Péter Gottfried where he negotiated with Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt.

‘The government is trying to boost the economy with unusual methods which will need time to take effect but it will improve the assessment of Hungary.' - the prime minister announced in a press conference after negotiating about the preparation of Hungary's presidency.

He explained that he had foretold the devaluation 3 months ago. He added regarding "unusual" methods that neither is he fond of the crisis- and bank-taxes but they're needed to decrease the country's dept and budget deficit. He made it clear that by 2011 the deficit will not exceed 3%.

He told that Hungary's economy was in better shape than it had been in January. Viktor Orbán reminded that only Hungary and Sweden will decrease the scale of government debt.

In the meeting with Fredrik Reinfeld they talked about Hungary's presidency. The Hungarian prime minister called the meeting very useful. They agreed that the discipline and trustworthiness of the budget was very important.

Viktor Orbán will visit all 26 EU state members prior to Hungary's presidency in 2011. The head of the Hungarian government will travelled to Copenhagen from Stockholm to negotiate with Danish Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen.