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Respect for action lost in Europe, says PM Orban

Respect for action, which has made Europe and the West a great and victorious civilisation, has been lost, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban told a conference of Christian intellectuals in Budapest on Friday.

Created: 7th October, 2011 16:59 | Last updated: 7th October, 2011 18:16

The prime minister said that the enduring global economic crisis would not be surmounted using the current range economic policy tools because today's crisis is not just economic, financial and ecological but also moral. The latter is likey to be at the root of all the other crises, he added. "Christian culture is a culture of action, which has provided a solid basis for European civilisation. Respect for action and the working man, however, has disappeared from this civilisation," he said. This is what led to the European countries "piling up horrific debts", to the spread of nihilism, cynicism, deviancy and extremities, Orban said, stressing the need to restore respect for work.

"For the time being, the ship of Hungary is rolling in the storm of a long-lasting crisis that seems to be endless, together with the ships of all western countries," Orban said. "Not even the biggest nations can take for granted avoidance of an iceberg or reef. What is more, the sailors are not on the best terms either."  He said the Hungarian government was committed to restoring respect for work. This is why it is focusing on job creation and raising the employment rate. "The Hungarian nation will be successful in the 21st century if it has trust in action and work, and the strong, responsible and cohesive community of people." "We have embarked on this road and will not let anyone push back Hungary onto the 'Greek path'". He said Hungary's objective of setting itself aside from the European crisis zone in 2012 was a realistic one.