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Ablak bezárása
New National University of Public Service
The fact that Hungary has established a new university in the midst of hardships it faces abroad and at home indicates that the country does have a future and will have the strength to overcome difficulties, the prime minister said at the founding ceremony of a new public service university in Parliament on Wednesday.
Created: 12th January, 2012 11:38 | Last updated: 12th January, 2012 11:39

"We want to train people who will dedicate their life to serving their country and the public," Viktor Orban said. He said that setting up a new university indicated that the country would have the strength and the knowledge to become successful. "We will not allow anyone to steer us away from pursuing our own goals in the future," Orban said.
The ceremony was attended by the President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Jozsef Palinkas, the head of the new supreme court Curia, Peter Darak and the new university's president, Andras Patyi. The new university has been established by integrating the Zrinyi Miklos National Defence University, police academy RTF and the public administration studies department of the Budapest Corvinus University.